By C. T. Weber

Posted on May 31, 2013 by the Communications Committee

Even the Washington Post can see that the Democrats and the Republicans are both parties of the super-rich.  There was an interesting article in the Post, "Where Money Talks," by Dana Milbank, about the nation’s millionaires club, the United States Senate.  He starts the article by pointing out that President Barack Obama had portrayed his Republican opponent, Mitt Romney, as “a rich businessman who used offshore tax havens and ran enterprises into the ground without regard for working people.”

Now Obama has nominated Penny Pritzker, the Hyatt Hotels heiress, to be Secretary of Commerce.  She is “a billionaire who benefits from offshore tax havens, whose family owned a failed savings and loan, and who is accused by the unions of mistreating workers.” At her confirmation hearing,the audience was packed with red shirts reading “Unite-Here”.  Unite-Here is the union representing most of the organized hotel workers and is opposed to Pritzker because Hyatt has “a broad pattern of labor abuses, including aggressive outsourcing, low wages and the mistreatment of housekeepers.”

It seems that those millionaires in the Senate will overlook a “clerical error” of not reporting over $80 million in income from the financial disclosures she filed.  When questioned about the offshore tax havens, Pritzker said “I am a beneficiary of offshore family trusts that were set up when I was a little girl, I didn’t create them.  I don’t direct them.”  The Pritzker’s have contributed over a million dollars to federal candidates, mostly Democrats, over the last twenty plus years.  About half of the members of Congress are bipartisan millionaires. John Kerry was the wealthiest Senator with $236 million, but he left for a better job. Milbank further stated, “Turns out the wealthy didn't lose the 2012 election; rather, the Republican rich lost to the Democratic rich.”

C. T. Weber is a member of the State Executive Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party of California and the chair of the Party's Legislative Committee.

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