By Eugene Ruyle

Posted on August 7, 2013 by the Communications Committee

Strike Debt Bay Area Occupies Berkeley Post Office

Strike Debt Bay Area, in coalition with Save the Berkeley Post Office, has been staging a successful occupation of the downtown Berkeley Post Office since July 27, 2013. In an email to supporters, Hannah, one of the organizers of Strike Debt, stated that

“The direct action is an effort to draw attention to the national postal service's unjust debt, and to the use of debt as a strategy to privatize the commons. (For a longer analysis, see Strike-Debt, Bay Area.)


Photo by Eugene Ruyle

“The postal police (a federal agency) has now established a 24-hour presence at the occupation, and has let organizers know that when they clear it out, they will do so in broad daylight. (Date unknown.) Berkeley City Council, other members of the city administration, and the Berkeley citizens who walk by and use the post office everyday, on the other hand, have expressed solidarity with the encampment and the goals of the direct action.”


The small group in the first photo above is holding a strategy meeting “to decide how to proceed. Those assembled will decide how to work with the press, the city administration, and the general public to maintain the encampment, clearly express grievances and solutions, etc.”

StrikeDebt2 StrikeDebt3

Photos by Eugene Ruyle

Among the important events planned by the coalition of Strike Debt & Save the Berkeley Post Office will be a march on Saturday, August 10th from the downtown Berkeley Post office to Fed Ex, UPS, and Richard Blum's office. Meet at 11am at the Downtown Berkeley Post Office.

Second, Strike Debt Bay Area's next meeting will be Saturday August 10th, 3-5:30 at the Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library, 6501 Telegraph Avenue. On the agenda: the post office defense, student debt resistance, national Strike Debt connections & media strategy, local resources, and next debtors' union steps.

Strike Debt Bay Area is on our Peace and Freedom Party’s “We Support” list of organizations and are organizing a forum for the Alameda County Peace and Freedom Party and Movement’s “Suds, Snacks, and Socialism at the Starry Plough” forum on Saturday, October 5.

For the latest information on the Berkeley Post Office occupation, click (here).

Eugene Ruyle, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology and Asian Studies at California State University, Long Beach, was the Peace and Freedom candidate for State Assembly in 2012 in the 15th District (Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond), winning 25,167 votes, or 13.2% of the total. Ruyle is preparing another campaign for 2014. For further information, visit his campaign web site at or contact him at cuyleruyle [at] mac [dot] com or 510-428-1578.

For more on debt cancellation see

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