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BART trains were shut down, and 200,000 commuters sought alternative ways to get to work on Friday morning as the BART bosses forced BART workers to resume their strike. The Peace and Freedom Party continues our support for the embattled BART workers. After 28 hours of negotiations in which management insisted on stripping workers of fundamental workplace protections, SEIU 1021 President Roxanne Sanchez released the following statement on Thursday night:

“Over the last several nights, all of us—workers, elected officials, the federal mediators, the media and, most importantly, our riders—have been played by a management team simply unwilling to settle the contract.
At this point, we have come to an overall understanding on economics. However, in the end, BART management is withholding settlement because they want to fundamentally and significantly change the conditions under which we work.

Time and time again, after we made a concession, management would move the goal posts, including now—after reaching a general agreement on economics—demanding changes in work place rules that have historically protected workers from issues like abuse of power, unfair treatment and sexual harassment.
Given how close we are to settlement, we are willing to take the unprecedented step of agreeing to voluntary binding interest arbitration on the specific outstanding issues of workday and workweek scheduling and wage schedules for utility workers and system service workers.
At midnight tonight, unless there were something to change, workers will be forced out on strike.”

On July 28 of this year the State Central Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party passed a resolution standing in solidarity with Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) workers and endorsing the BART workers’ slogans: * No more concessions! * A rising tide lifts all boats. * An injury to one is an injury to all. * Defend workers and union rights.

We salute the BART workers and SEIU 1021 and other unions for standing their ground in the face of a vicious attack by the ruling class. Victory to the BART strike!

For further information about this morning's successful picket line called by striking members of ATU 1555 (with supporters from other unions and the Transport Workers Solidarity Committee (TWSC), click here.

The Transport Workers Solidarity Committee is a multi -union rank and file committee that includes members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, Sailors Union of the Pacific, Amalgamated Transportation Union, and Teamsters /Aircraft Mechanics. Many members are either registered PFP or Green and several are present or past members of the PFP State Central Committee.




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