By Marsha Feinland

Posted on May 3, 2017 by the webmaster

Members of the Peace and Freedom Party from San Francisco and Alameda Counties participated in the Earth Day Action for Environmental and Climate Justice on Friday, April 21 in front of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 1X Headquarters in San Francisco.

Earth Day demonstrators in San Francisco, April 24, 2017 (photo by Gloria La Riva)

They joined Bay Area residents from Bayview-Hunters Point, Richmond, Oakland, San Leandro and Livermore as well as Mohave Elders of the Colorado River Indian Tribes, Gila River Indian Community members, youth from East Los Angeles, and people from farmworker communities in the San Joaquin and Imperial Valleys. All of these communities are impacted by fracking, refineries, and other sources of pollution.

The rally was followed by a march to the Federal Building.

The demands of the demonstration were:

  • Expand, don’t cut, the USEPA and federal and state environmental laws and regulations. Fire EPA Administrator Pruitt.
  • Remove polluters and billionaires from Trump’s Cabinet.
  • Stop Trump’s attacks on immigrant communities, Indigenous sacred sites, civil rights and justice.
  • Support people, health, science and justice, not financial gain for corporate polluters.

(photos by Gloria La Riva)

The California Environmental Justice Coalition, founded in 2015 in the farmworker town of Kettleman City in the San Joaquin Valley, issued the call to action.

Marsha Feinland is a member of the State Central Committee from Alameda County.

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