By C. T. Weber

Posted on July 8, 2017 by the Communications Committee

Pride came to Sacramento on Saturday, June 3. Thousands of LGBTQ community members, activists and supporters turned out to support their new found freedoms and fight any attempts to roll back their gains.

Photo not available PFP at Sacramento Pride on June 3, 2017

As we have done since the mid 80s, Peace and Freedom Party members and activists marched and tabled around the state. In Sacramento, we tabled the event which has grown larger over the years. Even as corporate control took over the event, the community was proud and festive.

We passed out literature, sold bumper stickers, registered new voters into Peace and Freedom Party and spoke with people about Peace and Freedom Party, its history, being the first ballot qualified party to have a Gay plank in it's platform in 1970 and becoming a feminist-socialist party in 1974.

People liked what we were saying and we certainly enjoyed talking with them.

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C. T. Weber is an officer-at-large of the State Executive Committee and chair of the Legislative Committee.

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