Sisters and Brothers, It’s Time to Fight!

The Californian legislature, Republicans and Democrats, have stripped our working class
of hard earned social services…here is a list of just some of the cuts to our safety net.

Welfare for Women and Children
  • $528 million cut from the CalWORKs program
  • $80 million cut from other child welfare programs
  • $61 million cut from Medi-Cal, California's version of Medicaid
  • $50 million cut from Healthy Families
  • $52 million cut in HIV/AIDS related programs and services
  • $6.3 million cut for social and medical services for our elderly population
  • $37.5 million cut from the In-Home Supportive Services program for the elderly and disabled
  • 40, 000 elderly and disabled people were dropped from In-Home Supportive Services
  • 90,000 more will lose some services such as aid in cooking and cleaning
Domestic Violence Shelters
  • $16 million eliminated in financing for the state’s Domestic Violence Program
  • 6 domestic violence shelters have closed.
  • $17 billion cut from California’s Public Schools and Colleges.
  • 20,000 K-12 teachers laid off
  • $50 million cuts in the Early Start services program
  • $2 billion in cuts for higher education
  • CSU students will pay 32% higher tuition and UC students will pay 10% more
  • Community College fees went up 30% with fewer courses being offered
  • 200,000 state government employees have been ordered to take three days off a month without pay, the equivalent of a 14% pay cut.
  • California has a 12% unemployment rate and the highest mortgage foreclosure in the country.
California Parks
  • $6.2 to 11 million cut in funding for parks
Tax Facts
  • In 2007, the bottom fifth of taxpayers -- those earning less than about $18,000 -- paid about 11.7% of family income in state and local taxes. By contrast, the top 1%, earning $430,000 or more, paid only about 7.1% on average, counting the deduction of state and local taxes many could take from their federal tax bill (California Budget Project).
  • Between 2000 and 2007, total corporate profits tripled. Between 2000 and 2007, 60 % of all income increases went to the top 1/5th of income earners (California Franchise Tax Board).
  • Overall, the portion of the state budget paid for by taxes on corporations is only 10 %, while 50 % comes from our personal income taxes!

We Demand
Repeal the budget cuts!                Stop the war in Iraq & Afghanistan!
Close tax loopholes!                   Tax corporations and the wealthy!

Written and distributed by Radical Women
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