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March 23, 2009

Peace and Freedom Party opposes all 6 budget propositions

The Peace and Freedom Party decided Sunday to oppose all six of the budget-related propositions placed on the May special election ballot by the State Legislature. Georgia Williams, Secretary of the State Central Committee, reports that "We studied each proposition and decided on them individually, and each merited opposition. We consider all proposed legislation in the light of one question: Is it good for working people? All of the propositions failed this test."

The propositions were considered Sunday by the statewide officers of the Central Committee, to whom the decision had been referred by the Central Committee. The first proposition, 1-A, had already been opposed by the State Central Committee at the end of February. "We decided that 1-B, which is dependent on approval of 1-A, was just a sugar-coating for the poison in 1-A that would force cuts in social programs and hurt the neediest Californians. It would re-pay some education money taken earlier, but there is nothing to stop the legislature from repaying this money at any time even without 1-B," said Williams.

"I-C, 1-D and 1-E would each take tax money from places the people decided to put it - education, child and family programs, and mental health - and let the legislature spend it for other things. In each case, the programs the people still need the money," comments Williams. "And there are other problems, in some cases big problems, with each of these propositions."

"In the case of 1-F, the proposed salary freeze does nothing to help with the real problem, the undemocratic two-thirds vote requirement," stated Williams. "This pay freeze would tend to force legislators to approve any budget, including a very bad budget, against their better judgment. And some of the state officials affected have nothing to do with the budget process. 1-F is a red herring, and not at all helpful."

For further information: contact Georgia Williams via email or by phone at (559) 439-5268
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