The Peace and Freedom Party joins all people of good will in condemning the senseless acts of violence against a Jewish congregation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and an African American couple in Jefferson City, Kentucky.

We see anti-Semitism and racism as part of a pervasive atmosphere of hatred of the “other” including Moslems, Latin American immigrants, and other groups. The current occupant of the White House provokes violence that has deep roots.

The American dream of peace and prosperity is a myth. A college education comes with a promise of lifetime debt, not a productive future. We are the only “advanced” country without a national healthcare system. Workers are increasingly on their own, without a union or even a regular job.

The resulting isolation and insecurity breeds hate, anger, and fear. No wonder the ludicrous statements of a demagogic leader can provoke extreme violent acts.

We can join those who mourn and condemn. But we must redouble our efforts to organize and support all of the working class to strive together for a society in which we have control over our lives and our future.

-- written by John Reiger and Marsha Feinland


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