Peace and Freedom Party

California's Feminist Socialist Political Party

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Resolutions and Statements
61 In Defense of KPFA Community Programmer Nadra Foster
62 Media Blackout on Israeli Piracy Keeps Americans in the Dark
63 Peace and Freedom Party Condemns Honduras Coup
64 The Iranian People Need Non-Intervention From The United States
65 The Shooting of Luis Gutierrez and the Struggle for Justice in Yolo County
66 Statement of Peace and Freedom Party California State Chair on San Francisco Police Riot
67 Free Quality Education For All
68 Position on Police Killings
69 Position on Bail
70 Peace and Freedom Party Issues Call for Moratorium
71 The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
72 Resolution in Support of PFP Statewide Labor Conference
73 Resolution in Support of FMPR
74 Resolution in Support of the Cuban Five on the 10th anniversary of their imprisonment
75 Electronic Voting
76 Resolution in Support of Campaigning for Nader/Gonzalez
77 Reaffirmation of Party’s Commitment to Socialism
78 Resolution on Schwarzenegger’s Attack on Public Workers
79 Resolution for Non-Expulsion Motion
80 Resolution on Impending War in Iran
81 Resolution on the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) Program to Eradicate the Light Brown Apple Moth
82 Resolution on Justice for the Chagossians and Withdrawal from Diego Garcia
83 Resolución sobre AIPAC
84 Resolution on AIPAC
85 Free The San Francisco 8
86 Lies in Scientific Reports
87 Statement in support of Puerto Rican Teachers
88 Peace and Freedom Party opposes threats against SEIU-UHW
89 Support For 2008 Workers Memorial Day Events
90 Resolution in support of the Reconstruction Party
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