The Peace and Freedom Party endorses Green Party candidate Rodolfo Cortes Barragan for U.S. Congress representing California’s District 40, which includes East Los Angeles and environs. Rodolfo’s statement upon receiving the PFP endorsement is as follows.

“I am proud to have sought and received the endorsement of the Peace and Freedom Party (PFP). The PFP recognizes that the current structure of society is both problematic and unsustainable. Humans have been a collaborative species for hundreds of thousands of years. Yet, over the last few hundred years, an economic system that rewards self-interest at the expense of the community has managed to take root.

The Peace and Freedom Party endorses independent candidate Eric Frame for State Senate in California’s District 6, which includes the city of Sacramento, part of Sacramento County and part of Yolo County.

Eric’s statement upon receiving the PFP endorsement is as follows.

“We are thrilled to have the endorsement of the Peace and Freedom party. We are in agreement with the PFP on so many issues that we currently face in the USA. Homelessness has increased dramatically in California and something needs to be done – building affordable housing, providing a living wage for all, rent control, reforming the inhumane and high-cost healthcare system are just some of the fixes we agree upon.

Mary Lou Finley is the Peace and Freedom Party candidate for State Controller in Election 2018. Mary Lou advocates reducing the tax burden on working people and shifting it to those best able to pay, the wealthy who benefit from the current economic system. The State Controller serves on 76 boards and commissions, in addition to being the state’s chief bookkeeper and auditor, and is very influential on tax policy and tax legislation.

Mary Lou is recently retired from the San Diego Unified School District and is a member of the California School Employees Association. She has been active for many years against police brutality, for freeing Leonard Peltier and other political prisoners, and in local campaigns for social justice issues and for progressive candidates.

Kevin Akin of Riverside is a retired hospital maintenance worker who has been an activist in the Peace and Freedom Party and for peace and social justice since he was a teenager. He was the Peace and Freedom Party nominee for State Treasurer in 1982 and is running again in 2018.

Kevin advocates forming a California State Bank to keep tax money out of the hands of the profiteers and serve the needs of the people; revising the tax code to lift the burden from workers and the poor and make those who benefit the most from this economy pay for social needs; and breaking up the disproportionate influence of the billionaires and their corporations on state financial decisions.

January 20th marked the first anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration day and along with the inauspicious occasion, a second year of Women’s Marches nationwide was held. California was certainly no exception to the trend, with Los Angeles naturally topping all others with as many as 600,000 in attendance at marches there We’re proud to say that Peace and Freedom Party members attended and participated in several events around the state. Here,, we share a few images.

In Oakland

Peace and Freedom Party State Central Committee member Sherill Borg was one of the reported 50,000 on hand in Oakland for the Women’s March of January 20, taking these images of the action at Frank H Ogawa Plaza at 14th and Broadway.

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