The Peace and Freedom Party's San Bernardino County Central Committee urges immediate action directed at Trader Joe's food stores.

Recently, a 17-year-old worker named Maria Isabel Vasquez Jimenez died from heat stroke while laboring in a California grape vineyard. According to the United Farm Workers (UFW); "Maria had been working 8 hours in the blistering heat without shade or sufficient water. The closest water supply was a 10 minute walk away."

In addition, the UFW has released information that Maria was working for the same people who supply Trader Joe's with its Charles Shaw wines. These wines, nicknamed 2-Buck-Chuck cost under $2 a bottle - and now we can understand why.

Trader Joe's has replied to these charges with an insulting claim that their company and Maria's death were unconnected since she was employed by an 'independent contractor'.

The UFW issued this statement in response: "Trader Joe's prides itself on serving the most progressive, health conscious consumers in our society. They should not evade the issue by pointing to contractor arrangements made by the winery to insulate itself from responsibility for exploitation of the workers. Trader Joe's needs to take moral responsibility and help end that exploitation."


VISIT this website and sign the UFW's petition:

CALL Trader Joe's and tell them of your concerns: 626-599-3817 (West Coast) and 781-455-7319 (East Coast)

GO TO your local Trader Joe's, ask to talk to a manager and politely explain your concerns.


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