San Bernardino County Peace and Freedom Party condemns doctor's murder and calls for federal prosecution of hate mongers

The religious right has killed again.

Kansas abortion provider Dr. George Tiller has been murdered while attending church. The killer(s) are suspected of being religious right, anti-abortion, extremists. These are the same types of ignorant hypocrites who bombed abortion clinics in the 1980's and have otherwise shown a disregard for our laws, our rights and common decency.

These forms of attacks are aimed at all women, their advocates and their providers. This act is more than murder. It is a part of a coordinated attempt to terrorize and intimidate all those who support women's rights and equality. As such, it should be subject to federal prosecution as both a hate crime and domestic terrorism. And those who preach this type of violence should be held as accountable for these acts as those who pull the triggers.
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