Posted on November 2, 2015 by the San Francisco County Central Committee

In the November 3, 2015 city election, the San Francisco Peace and Freedom Party recommends:

Mayor: (ranked choice voting)

  • 1st - Francisco Herrera (see this article )
  • 2nd - Amy Farah Weiss
  • 3rd - Stuart Schuffman

Sherriff: (ranked choice voting)

  • 1st - Ross Mirkarimi
  • 2nd - John Robinson

Community College Board:

  • Wendy Aragon


Board of Supervisors, 3rd District (ranked choice voting):

  • 1st - Aaron Peskin



Prop. A Affordable Housing Bonds Yes
Prop. B Paid Parental Leave Yes
Prop. C Regulation of Lobbyists Expenditures No
Prop. D Mission Rock Development; increases Height Limits No
Prop. E Permitting participation at City Meetings via electronic testimony, must honor requests to schedule topics to be discussed at specific times No
Prop. F Short Term Rental Regulation Yes
Prop. G Disclosures Regarding Renewable Energy No
Prop. H Defining Clean, Green, & Renewable Yes
Prop. I Pause for a Plan: Development in the Mission District Yes
Prop. J Legacy Business Historical Preservation Yes
Prop. K Expand allowable uses of City-owned property so that affordable housing for a range of incomes including housing for low-income and homeless can be built Yes


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