Posted on February 17, 2011 by the San Francisco County Central Committee

This resolution was adopted by the San Francisco Peace and Freedom Party on February 16, 2011.

Resolution On Defense Of Park Merced Residents & CSU Public Education System

The San Francisco Peace and Freedom Party opposes the efforts of billionaire developers and their supporters in the San Francisco Planning commission and San Francisco Board of Supervisors to bulldoze 1500 rent controlled apartments in Park Merced. The forcing out of working class residents who have lived in these homes for decades must be halted now.

We also protest the continued privatization of the CSU system through their corporate controlled Trustees through the SFSU-CSU Foundation of University Park North & University Park SOUTH.

This development privatization scheme is taking place at the same time that working class students are facing higher fees forcing them out of the University.

We also protest the tax budget plan of Goveror Jerry Brown that will cut $500 million from the CSU system and will force further privatization and destruction of the public education system.

We support a capital tax of 25% on the billionaires in California and a democratic structure in the CSU system with the election of trustees from the students, staff and the communities.

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