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Picket pro-war Pelosi At San Francisco Labor Council Committee on Political Education (SFLC COPE) dinner at SF Hilton. Sponsored by the Coalition Against War Mongers and the 1%.

When: Thursday, April 5, from 5:30pm to 7:00pm
Where: San Francisco Hilton, 333 O'Farrell St., San Francisco (MAP)
What: Informational picket
Sponsor: Coalition Against War Mongers and the 1%

The San Francisco Peace and Freedom Party has endorsed this event.

Nancy Pelosi who covered up water torture, supports jailing Americans and attacking democratic rights (National Defense Authorization Act), supports union busting anti-labor free trade agreements from NAFTA, Colombia, KORUS and TPP agreement will in San Francisco for a special dinner. She will be the guest of honor by the San Francisco Labor Council whose chair Tim Paulson is chair of the Labor Caucus of the Democratic Party of California. Join the protest at 5:30 PM to let the Pelosi know that working people and the anti-war movement don't support war criminals and union busters. She pushed for privatization of federal jobs, privatization of the Presidio and also supported a pay cut for Federal workers. Pelosi is also worth over $300 million which makes her part of the 1% and she made sure that AIG which she owned stock in was bailed out by US tax payers while workers get thrown out of their homes.

Endorsed by

  • Coalition Against War Mongers and the 1%
  • San Francisco Peace and Freedom Party
  • United Public Workers For Action UPWA
  • Code Pink

San Francisco Labor Council
San Francisco Labor Council to Honor Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi at Annual Committee on Political Education Banquet

In acknowledgement of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's 25 years of fighting for working men and women the San Francisco Labor Council will be honoring the Democratic Leader at it's annual Committee on Political Education fundraising banquet. As we move into the 2012 election campaign - where we have the opportunity to make her the Speaker again! - it is only fitting that the labor council pays tribute to our very own leader and champion.

When: Thursday, April 5

Where: San Francisco Hilton
333 O'Farrell

Time: 6:00 PM No Host Cocktails
7:00 PM Dinner

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