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Gloria La Riva has been designated by the Peace and Freedom Party State Executive Committee as the “presumptive nominee” of the party for President of the United States.

While the formal nomination decision will not be made until the newly-elected State Central Committee convenes on August 1st, the Executive Committee acted after surveying the incoming SCC members and finding that the overwhelming majority intended to nominate La Riva, who received just over two-thirds of the votes of party members in the March presidential preference primary.

The State Executive Committee action authorizes the use of the party’s name and logo by the La Riva campaign and requires the relevant party committees to incorporate the promotion of the La Riva presidential campaign into their work.

La Riva’s vice-presidential running mate is the unjustly imprisoned Native American leader Leonard Peltier. One of the longest held political prisoners in the world, Peltier has been incarcerated for 44 years on false charges. His real “crime” in the eyes of the state was defending his people. Peltier was the 2004 presidential candidate of the Peace and Freedom Party.

With the vote tallying complete in most districts of California, Peace and Freedom Party officially congratulates our two candidates running for state offices in the March primary: Cassandra Devereaxu and José Cortes.

Cassandra Devereaux wins nearly 8,500 votes in AD 14
In the race to advance to the general election for State Assembly District 14, Cassandra Devereaux earned 7.7% of the vote, good for a total of 8,446 votes. Cassandra finished third in the race, thanks mainly to an 11th-hour entry onto the ballot by patient healthcare advocate Janell Elizabeth Proctor. Proctor was backed by the Republican Party after essentially zero campaigning, seemingly in order to prevent the Peace and Freedom Party candidate from advancing to the general-election ballot.

Cassandra’s campaign was particularly proud of her showing in Solano County, where she got nearly 9% of the votes. A primary plank in Cassandra’s campaign was the need to address rights violation by and accountability for the Vallejo Police Department.

José Cortes’s message heard in Congressional District 50
In California’s Congressional District 50, José Cortes outpaced all non-corporate party candidates to earn 1,378 votes, or 0.7% of the total vote.

For Election Day in California, here's one last reminder on Peace & Freedom Party's stands on national and local candidates plus ballot propositions.

Click here to download a printable PDF document.

Thank you for voting progressive and voting socialist in Election 2020!

Gloria La Riva is a longtime member of the Peace and Freedom Party as well as the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) and has run for U.S. President and California Governor several times with the endorsement of both organizations. She is currently seeking the PFP nomination to run as our party’s candidate for U.S. president in Election 2020.

A recent statement from the PSL which announced a position of critical support for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign drew the ire of fellow PFP primary presidential candidate Howie Hawkins, who released a response to the PSL statement entitled “You didn’t join the Peace and Freedom Party to support Democrats.”  Gloria La Riva in turn has released a counter-response to that of Mr. Hawkins, and we run Gloria’s statement in full below.

Dear sisters and brothers of Peace and Freedom Party,

I ask for your support and vote in the March 3 Peace and Freedom Party primary. I also urge you to register and vote PFP, as the only socialist party on the California ballot, and which has had a solid program of defending peace, true equality, social justice and socialism since 1968.

I have won the Peace and Freedom nomination for governor of California three times, and was the PFP candidate for President in 2016. I received the most votes for a socialist presidential candidate since 1976.

My vice-presidential candidate is the renowned Native leader and political prisoner, Leonard Peltier, unjustly imprisoned for 44 years. In accepting the invitation to run with me, he said, “I am not only a Native traditionalist, I am a socialist.”

I have been a PFP member since I moved to California in 1981, and always encourage others to register and join. I am decidedly opposed to the Democratic Party as well as the Republican Party, who work hand-in-hand to wage war at home and abroad. Both are imperialist parties that have initiated wars of aggression, genocide and occupation. Both are also responsible for economic policies meant to enrich the super-wealthy at the expense of the working class. The disastrous policies of social service cutbacks, mass incarceration and support for the police can be laid at the feet of Democrats as well as Republicans.

Howie Hawkins of New York, a socialist organizer and union worker for nearly 50 years, is seeking the U.S. presidential nomination of several socialist, leftist and eco-conscious parties – including Peace and Freedom Party as well as the national Green Party. 

Earlier this week, Howie Hawkins posted a response to a statement from Richard Becker, a member of both PFP and PSL. Becker’s statement, released through the Party for Socialism and Liberation’s official website, suggested that socialist-minded voters who are only able to participate in the Democratic Party primary cast their votes for Bernie Sanders in that primary and, should he get the Democratic nomination, that voters in swing states should support Sanders. We run Howie's statement in full below.

In 1964, as a teenager in the San Francisco Bay Area, I watched Ronald Reagan and the Republicans lead a successful referendum to repeal the recently-adopted Rumford Fair Housing Act. I saw the Democratic convention seat the Mississippi segregationists instead of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party. The “lesser evil” Democrat, Lyndon Johnson, won and immediately escalated the war in Vietnam.

With racists and militarists in charge of both major parties, I asked, “Where is my party?” My party emerged in 1968: the Peace and Freedom Party. Even though I was still too young to vote for it, I rooted for it. I concluded then what I still believe today: that we need a major independent working-class party committed to a democratic, socialist, and ecological society.

I am running in the Peace and Freedom Party presidential primary with that same commitment today. I intend to be on the ballot in all 50 states and D.C., mostly on Green Party lines because they already have over 20 ballot lines, but I am also seeking the ballot lines of other progressive parties where presidential ballot-line fusion is possible in states like California, Oregon, South Carolina and Vermont.

An important objective of our campaign is to build solidarity across the independent progressive and socialist left for a mass party based in the working-class majority and for all people who love peace, justice, freedom and the environment.

Unlike my opponent in the Peace and Freedom primary, whose Party for Socialism and Liberation supports a “safe strategy” of supporting Bernie Sanders in the “battleground” states, I believe every state is a battleground for the independent left where we must fight for ballot access and the right to raise our demands in elections. In every state, we are fighting the Democrats as well as the Republicans who are on the opposite side from us on so many issues, from Medicare for All to a ban on fracking to rent control to dismantling the US global military empire.

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